Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Thursday, April 02, 2020


2020 Thousand Hills Baptist Association Co-ed Pinewood Derby 
Saturday, April 4 @  Omaha Baptist Church, Unionville
Postponed until further notice

For kids in grades 1-6.  Also "outlaw derby" race for everyone else!
Car kits are available now from the THBA office for $6. Call 660-342-7658 to arrange a pick up  time. 
Click here for a copy of the official Rules & Regulations as well as the letter with information for the churches.
Directions to Omaha Baptist Church are also on the Rules which you can copy and distribute to everyone who wants to enter.
 2019 Derby in Pictures
Co-Ed Derby Winners
1st   Gavin Mercer
2nd  McKaylyn Marsh
3rd  Coralee Corbin
4th  Samantha Marsh
 A good time was had by ALL!
Design Winners
Most Religious: McKaylynn Marsh
        Runner up Willow Corbin
Best Overall Design:  Nicolas Promnitz
OUTLAW Derby Winners
1st  Stephanie Marsh
2nd  Kandon Kirkpatrick
3rd  Todd McClaskey
4th  Nicholas Promnitz





















2020 Vacation Bible School   

Look up--way up.  That's where we're headed.  Where I-beams float effortlessly high overhead, carefully guided into place by powerful machinery.  Where steel and glass converge in a colossal design that appears to almost touch the sky.  These magnificent structures were elaborately designed and intricately built.  Yet they all began the same way--with concrete and cranes, rivets and rebar, bulldozers and backhoes; and most importantly a solid foundation.
This summer kids will grab their hard hats and head out to the construction site to discover that skyscrapers aren't the only things that need a rock solid foundation.

2020 Camps 

Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly, Chillicothe

Youth Camp, June 8-12
For youth who have completed 7th-12th grade.
Thousand Hills Baptist Association joins with 
Linn-Livingston Baptist Association.
Intro to Camp, June 26-27 
3:30 pm Friday—1:00 pm Saturday
For kids who have completed grades 1-3 and are too young for Children's Camp. A great way for children not old enough to attend a full week of camp on their own to experience what camp will be like.  This is an overnight stay with all the activities encountered in a normal week of camp.  Parents are encouraged to join their children for this experience.  Check out the Grand Oaks website for registration forms and more information.
Children's Camp, June 22-26
For children who have completed 3rd-6th grade.


Bible Drill for children in grades 4-6


2017 Winners

Silvia Brown, Elijah Brown, and John Jones of Omaha Baptist Church were winners in 2017.
Congratulations to these young people on their hard work.