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Monday, November 29, 2021

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Monthly Pastors & Ministers Lunch 

Meet on the third Tuesday of the month.
Next one is January 18.

Association Purchased Block Party Trailer

Many thanks to Curtis Ferguson, Walter Griffen and Les Leftwich for their work in purchasing the new association evangelistic block party trailer. We decided to purchase this trailer last spring and the funds began to roll in to the office. We only need about another $1,000 to complete the purchase of all the contents and get it ready to start loaning out to churches and ministries by next spring. Would some individuals or churches like to send a donation for this project? Make checks to THBA and send to our office with a note “block party trailer” in the memo.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in December 

The Week of Prayer for International Missions is November 28-December 5.
The  2021 offering goal for the Missouri Baptist Convention is $4 million.  The national goal is $85 million.
You can order materials online from Missouri Baptist Convention WMU.
Download videos and other information from the International Mission Board.

Christmas Dinner, Friday, December 3

We were unable to have our annual pastors/church staff/family Christmas dinner last year but we intend to have a nice meal and time of singing, a Christmas devotion and gifts for all on Friday, December 3rd. Final arrangements are not yet made, but pastors and church staff members, please mark your calendars and you and your wife are invited to attend. And….this is a kid-friendly event so bring the young-uns if you want. 

Midwest Leadership Summit, Springfield, IL, January 1-20

The Midwest Leadership Summit is going to be held at the Crowne Center Hotel in Springfield, Illinois on January 19-20. Our association will be able to take five church/association leaders to that event which will feature some outstanding speakers and breakout conferences to equip people to better share Christ and help churches grow. Are you interested in being a part of that event? Let me know and I will include you. I will have more info in a few weeks. 

Proposed change to THBA  Constitution

It has been reported that some of the former associations which have not dissolved but their churches have united as the Thousand Hills Baptist Association had a practice where alternate executive board members were allowed to be selected by the churches and serve as board members as in case of absence of the regularly elected board members.  Also alternate messengers were allowed to be elected and serve in place of messengers who could not attend the annual meeting.  Some churches have attempted to continue in this practice.  It is not currently allowed in the THBA Constitution and Bylaws.  But the Leadership Council is not opposed to the idea or practice.  It has been discussed and is being brought to the association as a motion to change the constitution to allow this practice.

Therefore, this is the part that is being changed:

I move that the Constitution of the Thousand Hills Baptist Association be amended to insert the following statement at the end of Article III (Messengers), Section 2.  "Alternate messengers may also be elected and may serve as the church's messengers in the absence of the church's messengers if they are unable to attend the annual meeting.  The church may elect alternate messengers up to the same amount of messengers as they are entitled to elect."

I further move that the Constitution of the Thousand Hills Baptist Association be amended to insert the following statement at the end of Article V (The Executive Board), Section 1.  "One alternate executive board member may be elected by each church to serve in the absence of their elected board member at the executive board meetings."

NOTE:  This motion if approved will be brought up again for a final vote at the 2022 annual meeting and will become effective at that time.

Association Churches Urged to Give Used Literature to Love Packages

Love Packages is a ministry in Butler, IL which collects Christian literature and ships it to English-speaking countries around the world.  In 2020 they shipped 1,746  tons (3,492,000 pounds) of literature to countries like the Philippines, South Africa, and Ghana.  It is estimated that every piece of literature on the mission field will have an average of 20 reads.  We can help by collecting our used Sunday School literature, magazines, books (non-fiction), Bibles, tracts, devotionals, etc.  Giving Hope Ministries in Kirksville will come to your church and collect the materials that you collect.  Call 660-216-4183 for pickup.  This won't cost you anything and is a great way to recycle materials for the Kingdom!  You can learn more about Love Packages at 

NEMO Cowby Church Plant, Kirksville Livestock Market

Pastor Tom Rowland and Caleb Perkins are planting a cowboy church in the facilities of the Kirksville Livestock Market.  Services on the first and third Thursday nights of the month at 7 pm.  The Kirksville Livestock Market is located just north of Kirksville just to the west of Highway 63. 

Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly Reactivating Strong Roots New Branches Campaign

Their Strong Roots New Branches campaign is to raise funds for the construction of a storm shelter and multipurpose building to replace the outdated Parker Hall. Pastor Rodney Dorr and Caleb Perkins are representing THBA on the fund raising committee.  They hope to raise $675,000.   For more information on Grand Oaks and the campaign go to 

Pastors, Alert your Students!  Missouri Baptist Heritage Scholarship 

Southwest Baptist University, Missouri Baptist University, and Hannibal-LaGrange University are cooperating with the Missouri Baptist Historical Commission to offer three $2,000 scholarships annually to students attending SBU, HLGU, or MBU.  Applicants must do research and write a paper on some aspect of Missouri Baptist history.  All papers must be submitted no later than April 1 for the fall semester of the same year.
Click here for more 
information and application form.     

One of our own was a winner in 2021.  Ms. Delaney Sawyer, a member of FBC La Plata and sophomore at Southwest Baptist University won the scholarship with a paper on the Oath of Loyalty that was adopted as part of the revised Missouri state constitution in 1865.  The MBC Pathway noted that "she gave a strong legal and biblical defense as to why the Loyalty Oath was contradictory to the U.S. Constitution and was unbiblical in that believers should only swear their allegiance to God.  And the law was repealed thanks in much part to Missouri Baptist opposition." 


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Association Calendar at a Glance  

2 BSU Board Mtg., Baptist Student Union, Kirksville, 7 PM
4 NEMO Cowboy Church Pancake Supper, Kirksville Livestock Market, 7 PM
10 DOM Fellowship Mtg., Baptist Building, Jefferson City
14 THBA Revitalization Team Lunch, FBC Kirksville 1 PM
14-22 Operation Christmas Child Collection, Rehoboth and Hamilton Street
16 Minister’s Lunch, La Pa Restaurant, Kirksville, 11:30 AM
19 VBS Preview, Baptist Building, Jefferson City
25-26 Office Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday
28-Dec 5 Week of Prayer for International Missions
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions
2 NEMO Cowboy Church, Kirksville Livestock Market, 7 PM
3 Pastor/Minister/Family Christmas Dinner, Location TBA
9-10 Mo. Baptist Disaster Relief Wrap Up, Jefferson City
25 Christmas Day
27-31 Office Closed - Christmas Holiday