Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Sunday, August 09, 2020

Evangelism & Missions

Ministry Coordinator                                                                 

Pastor B .J. McAlplin
FBC La Plata
P. O. Box 88, La Plata, MO 63549
Phone:  660-332-4552

CANCELLED THBA team to Missouri State Fair, Thursday, August 20
The association will send a team of people to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia on Thursday, August 20th from 2 - 6 PM. These volunteers will work in the Baptist Tent, inviting people to come inside and register for a gift card in exchange for 3 minutes of their time where volunteers will share their story of how they came to know Jesus. Many times there is an opportunity to lead fair attenders to Christ during this encounter.

A church van will leave from Fellowship Baptist Church, Kirksville on the morning of August 20th to drive the 3 hours to Sedaiia. After some time at the fairgrounds the group will return that evening and be home about 10 PM. Contact Pastor Larry Gibson at 660-665-0633 or DOM Richard Nations at 660-342-7658 for more information or to sign up to be on the team. 


Association Churches Urged to Give Used Literature to Love Packages

Love Packages is a ministry in Butler, IL which collects Christian literature and ships it to English-speaking countries around the world.  In 2018 they shipped 1,592 tons (3,184,000 pounds) of literature to countries like the Philippines, South Africa, and Ghana.  It is estimated that every piece of literature on the mission field will have an average of 20 reads.  We can help by collecting our used Sunday School literature, magazines, books (non-fiction), Bibles, tracts, devotionals, etc.  Giving Hope Ministries in Kirksville will come to your church and collect the materials that you collect.  Call 660-216-4183 for pickup.  This won't cost you anything and is a great way to recycle materials for the Kingdom!  You can learn more about Love Packages at  


Missions Offerings through the year

Three offerings are taken among the churches throughout the year to support missions.
Missouri Missions Offering (Rheubin L. South)
In September
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
For North American missions In March
For international missions In December

Link to the Association Regional WMU 


2019 Report 



Thousand Hills Baptist Association was busy throughout the year preparing for summer mission projects. Representatives from our association served in Alaska, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. 

While in Wisconsin, Bro. Richard served local pastors in the Madison area. His visit was a culmination of mentoring and coaching that he had provided to these pastors in 2019. Bro. Richard has asked that we pray for pastor Tekeste Beherones and his wife as the work through her joining him her in the U.S.

 Jeff Harlan, pastor of Harford Baptist Church, returned to Alaska with a team from three THBA churches. He reported that their efforts in Alaska were abundantly blessed this year as 4 people came to faith in Jesus Christ. Pastor Jeff is already planning to return next year. Please contact him if you are interested in serving in Alaska.

We also had a team from THBA serve Beacon of Hope Church in Grand Island, NE. This team of 9—4 adults and 5 youth—delivered the Jesus film and gospel tract to over 4,000 homes in Grand Island. Bill Rowland, pastor of Beacon of Hope, reported that 10 people who received the Jesus film came to church the following Sunday!

Once again Larry Gibson led a team to serve in the evangelism tent at the State Fair. He fielded a team of 9 participants this year. We are grateful for Pastor Larry’s commitment to lead our THBA evangelism efforts at the State Fair. There were 40 people saved during the State Fair.

 Certainly Alaska, Nebraska, Wisconsin and the State Fair were not the only places our churches served in 2019. May we continue to cooperate together as we strive to lead men, women, and children out of darkness and into Light!

God Bless You
Chance Glenn, Coordinator