Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Church Development

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2017 Report

I am writing this on the heels of a wonderful mission trip to El Salvador in which the team and I were able to see God work in mighty ways.  I also know that the association was able to go to Alaska this summer as well as all the wonderful work the Lord is doing through us.  I hope that you have paused long enough to see the wonderful handiwork of God in an through our lives.
We have some wonderful plans for this coming year in the area of Church Development.
We are continuing the Bible Training Centre for Pastors classes held in Fellowship Baptist Church in Kirksville. We would love to begin another class starting with Book 1 on "How to Study the Bible."  We hope you will join us.  This class is open to anyone whether it be teachers or preachers, male or female, or anyone who wants to know how to study God's word better.  The class will be held on Thursday nights from 6-8 PM and more information will be forthcoming.  If you are interested in this class please call the association office at (600) 342-7658 to register.

There will be an ongoing class for those already enrolled in the program and it is called "New Testament Survey." 
Both of the Bible Training Centre classes will have an online extension site hosted at the Broadlawn Baptist Church in Unionville (classes taught via Skype).
We will attempt again to have some seminars for the association.  They were not very well attended last year so we want to make sure our resources are going where they will have the greatest impact on the Kingdom.
The churches of this association are in my prayers as we strive to build the Kingdom of God together. 

Matthew Tanner, Coordinator