Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

May/June 2019

Will you help? I got a call from a relative recently who needed a little help. And while I wasn’t able to help directly, I had a friend who could lend a hand. It’s always good to be able to help someone a little bit.

The Apostles Paul and Silas were traveling on a missionary journey in Acts 16 and they received word from God that the Macedonians were in need of help. The Spirit told Paul “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” Vs. 10 says they decided to go there, having concluded that God was calling them to preach the Good News there. The Macedonians need a little help.

I received some phone calls and visits this past year from some folks in Greentop. The Greentop Baptist Church was about to close and they wanted some help. Eventually they determined they were stretched too thin and they decided to close and donate their church building and assets to the association. We received that and are currently the owners of that building. So now, how can we best use that building?

I am wondering if there is a church that would like to sponsor a new church start there and use the building? I have received some interest from a couple of churches, but they are not wanting to be the primary sponsor of a new church, although they are willing to help. So I am still looking for a church that will say, “Yes, we could sponsor a new church start in Greentop.”

Now, if we don’t find that sponsor church, I think we could sell that property and find use for the funds in another location perhaps. But before we do that, is there a church out there that will help with our decision making process on this? Anyone want to go with us up to Greentop and do some door to door visiting and see what interest is there? Any churches willing to be a sponsor of a new church start? Let’s talk about what that would look like? Call me. Thanks.