Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Thursday, August 17, 2017

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

August 2017

We live in a culture where some liberal and ungodly people would love nothing better than to make our community elementary school bathrooms be gender-neutral. You think I'm exaggerating? I am not! Gay rights, LBGQT (and some other letters to come), hate-speech lawsuits for expressing Christian beliefs...these are just a few of the opposing forces facing us.

And to add to all that, there are many forms of pagan religious belief systems vying for our attention anytime we plug in some form of media. The universalism of Joel Osteen beckons. The false doctrines of the Latter Day Saints and the Jehovah's Witnesses are dressed up and adorned with Bible verses. They look enticing and seem to be Biblical if not examined closely.

So in light of that, we have invited a champion defender of the Christian faith to speak to our association during the Annual Meeting, September 10th at First Baptist, Kirksville. Rob Phillips, the Ministry Support Catalyst for the Mo. Baptist Convention and an apologetics trainer will speak to us on the theme "Contending for the Faith" from Jude 3. Please don't miss Rob's messages that day.

We will have his two books available for purchase that day also, so you might want to bring a little cash or your checkbook. The books are “The Apologist’s Tool Kit” and “The Last Apologist.”

We have invited the musicians of Kaseyville Baptist Church, Callao to lead us in worship that day. I enjoy worshipping with them and I know you will too. We look forward to seeing you.

Now, I'm catching my breath here in Kirksville these days. In June and July we had some great camps for youth and children and several became Jesus followers. Our Alaska mission trip took place in late July and 7 of us helped some kids learn archery basics at a church in Palmer and we did some outreach with a cowboy church in Wasilla. I've been back for a few weeks now. I'm sandwiching annual meeting preparations between now and the trip to help out at the Baptist tent at the state fair. So the newsletter is a little late, But I'm glad you have it in your hands or on your device screen now. Remember is is about a week faster if you subscribe via e-mail. Want to convert?

Come hang out with us at the annual meeting at FBC Kirksville and let's celebrate what God is doing in our association and bone up on how we can "contend for the faith."