Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions


The association wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. Our pastors and families are gathering at First Baptist Church of Kirksville on the evening of December 6th for a meal and a holiday celebration with music, a Christmas devotional and gifts.

How do you celebrate the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? In my book there is nothing better than having the family in for a weekend of meals, fun activities, gifts and laughter. I hope you have a great celebration and have family and friends to share with you. If you travel, be very safe. Have a good time however you celebrate.

When the Mayflower Pilgrims came to America to establish Plymouth Colony, the legend says they nearly starved that first winter, but by the second year they had built homes and learned how to hunt, fish and farm. They invited the native Americans to join them for a thanksgiving feast that fall. We now make it a point to eat roasted turkey and cranberry sauce followed by football games and naps as we thank the Lord for His provision for us.

And of course our Christmas traditions in the U.S. were largely adapted from the English and Germans as we started to have Christmas trees, yule logs, ham dinners and holiday cookies. We celebrate the birth of Jesus and re-tell the Nativity story in readings and songs as we get gifts for each other and drink egg nog. There are always plenty of sermons delivered chiding us to not get materialistic in our Christmas celebrations. I won’t go there, but I do urge you to have a good time and celebrate the birth of Jesus with joyous traditions and activities.

And I’ll conclude my column by saying thank you for participating in the activities and opportunities of Thousand Hills Baptist Association this past year. We look forward to many good things coming to and from the churches in the association in the coming year. I am glad to serve you as your director of missions.