Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Sunday, August 09, 2020

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

July, 2020

This has  been a stressful year hasn’t it? We had all kinds of plans made at the beginning of the year. But most of them changed. Many of our events this spring and summer had to be canceled. Our camps, VBS training, summer missionary plans, and many other matters have been modified or postponed until next year. These were troubling decisions to make.

I was reflecting a few days ago about one of the worst years of my life. Up until now it was 2011-12 when Rachel was being treated for cancer, my job changed significantly in Des Moines, we moved here which caused us to sell a house and 
then buy a house. On top of that there was a major heat wave and drought.

Ok that was a rough one, but then 2020 has been tough too. I preached online for two different churches (FBC Green City and Elmer Baptist) for abut 8 weeks. I worked from home for about six weeks.  We all became familiar with Zoom calls and online

My brother, Gary Nations, caught the COVID-19 virus and passed away.  His wife, Shirley, was testing positive for the virus and could not attend his future.  It was a terrible time for us.  I was concerned about having been exposed to the virus so I was tested, but was negative.  But thanks for praying for my family.  

I have started to write this to say, we will get through this.  I pray for all of you.  We are doing the best we can to help each other get through this.  Take care.  Wash your hands.