Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions


Rachel and I were changing car insurance companies the other day and the lady helping us was talking about living in one of the towns in our associational region. I mentioned a church there and she knew a few of the church leaders. As she finished our insurance business she asked if she could take some time to tell us something. So Rachel and I listened as she described her life journey and her daughter who has found the Lord and is involved in missions work. She described her spiritual quest and yet she is not involved in a church. We took time to pray with her and ask her to attend a church (we actually had several options for her). At the end she thanked us for taking time to listen to her talk about her spiritual search. 

I thought it was kind of interesting because we were glad to help her with her spiritual journey and yet she felt like she was imposing on us. She wasn’t. It was a privilege to pray with her and help her take a step toward God and yet she was the one who brought up the subject. I love it when God provides a divine appointment! 

Dr. Ed Stetzer, executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College recently said there are several perceived reasons why believers are not actively sharing their faith these days. I will paraphrase and summarize them here: 

   1. There is a backlash against evangelism programs that have seemed too simplistic or “canned.”

   2. Many believers do not have confidence in the Gospel.

   3. Many people do not live near their extended families and do not have a heritage of going to church as a family.

   4. Some have replaced Christianity with some other emphasis like social justice or environmentalism.

   5. A lack of compassion for the lost around us.

   6. Some believers fear they many not have answers if unbelievers ask them hard questions.

   7. Some believers fear they are not living a lifestyle that would qualify them as a witness. Source: “Why Has Evangelism Declined?”

So don’t let evangelism become something you just don’t do. Even if you don’t have all the answers or your life is not perfect, be sure to speak about spiritual matters and a relationship with God as you interact with people around you. The best thing I learned from Dr. Bobby Welch, the author of the “Faith Sunday School/ Evangelism Strategy” was when he said “You have to get in a place where you are about three feet from a lost person, look them in the eye and tell them about Jesus.” That is what we are to do. 

Easter Sunday is coming up.  Begin cultivating a gospel witness with someone you know who needs the Lord.  Tell them about Jesus.  Invite them to church with you.  There are resources available for this at the North American Mission Board. Click on the link:  Look for opportunities around you to tell people about Jesus and lead them to pray to receive Him.