Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Friday, February 15, 2019

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

January 2019

Twenty-nine pastors and wives from association churches attended the Christmas dinner on December 6th at Fellowship Baptist Church.  After a catered meal there was music, a Christmas devotional and gifts for all.  Rachel and I would like to thank the association for the Christmas gift provided to us.

This month we went to several of the churches and celebrated with choirs, children and others during the Christmas season  Many hours of rehearsals go into these pageants, radio dramas and cantatas.  The Omaha Baptist Church always puts on their "KOBC, Radio Omaha" play (which is a little like Hee Haw and Prairie Home Companion mixed together).  We didn't get to attend this year but I heard they had the church packed.  The FBC Atlanta choir put together a very nice musical.  FBC Kirksville had their bi-annual "Living Christmas Tree."  FBC Macon always puts on a great pageant and choral concert.  And we got to watch the Hamilton Street Baptist kids' ministry reenact the Christmas story with the usual manger scene characters, plus some little penguins and a "very abnormal frog" in their nativity scene--It was great fun!