Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

August, 2020

The association has been coordinating arrangements for churches in several counties of the THBA area to receive shipments of fresh produce which has been provided to us by the Missouri Baptist disaster relief organization. This food, which was made available to faith-based organizations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, comes to us in 25 pound boxes. It consists of vegetables and fruits.  Churches have been able to travel to Hannibal to pick up this weekly shipment and take the boxes back to their communities to share with anyone who needs a box of fresh food.

We’ve been hearing great stories of how this is helping. Pastor Jerry Lillard, of FBC Clarence, is using it as an outreach tool and they are taking boxes to people in their town along with an invitation to attend their church. Kenny Broyles, of FBC Macon told of an elderly lady receiving a box of food and bursting into tears of joy. It is possible this program may be continued into the month of September. It has been wonderful to see this food be put into the hands of the people receiving it during these difficult economic conditions forced on us by the COVID pandemic.

The following churches have participated in this ministry: Rehoboth, Kirksville; FBC Atlanta; Broadlawn, Unionville; FBC Winigan; Primera Iglesia, Milan; FBC Bevier; FBC Milan; FBC Macon; Mt. Tabor, Atlanta; FBC, La Plata; Omaha, Unionville; FBC Green City; FBC Clarence and Grace Community Bible Church, Kirksvile.