Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Friday, May 14, 2021

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

April, 2021

Easter Sunday was a great time for many of our churches. I heard reports from several churches that there were decisions for Christ, baptisms, Lord’s Supper observances and high attendance. I sent a note around to the pastors asking for stories and several sent back responses which I will share here.

Broadlawn Baptist in Unionville had a joint choir presentation with the combined choirs of the United Methodist Church and the Broadlawn choir. This was the retirement Sunday for their pastor, Bro. Walter Griffen. They reported a “full house.”

Rehoboth Baptist, Kirksville had 150 in attendance and had an Easter brunch…the first time they had shared a meal in 14 months.

Coatsville Baptist, Coatsville had 15 attenders, almost double their normal crowd. They had two new families from the neighborhood visiting with them.

Pastor Andy Needham of Open Arms Baptist in Macon reports a record attendance and they said they really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Easter service.

FBC La Plata had a baptism, served communion and had the highest attendance of the year.

FBC Bevier had a sunrise service, followed by breakfast ad then 96 attenders in the morning worship time.

71 people attended Yellow Creek Baptist in Green City. Pastor Randy Quick and his wife Bonnie have returned from a winter vacation in Texas.

Hamilton St. Baptist in Kirksville had a sunrise service with 53 people and then combined worship of over 190 in their two regular morning services. One person accepted Christ. This is the second Sunday they have experienced someone come to Christ.

FBC Kirksville reported 280 in Easter worship and the First Baptist Francophone had 35 in attendance.

And there are many more that we have not heard from yet. But we hope all of you had a good worship time on Easter and maybe it encouraged you a little bit. We’ve had a tough year of course and it’s good to see folks starting to come back to worship services.

Many churches are continuing to broadcast their worship services and sometimes Sunday school classes. They feel it is a worthwhile effort to continue to offer those who choose to participate in the services from home that option. It may be that way for a while or it might even be that way from this day forward.

I preached at a Good Friday service of a church in Des Moines in an online Facebook Live event. I was sitting in my office in Kirksville preaching on the thief on the cross crying out to Jesus to save him.

No matter how you worship—in person, at home or even while listening in your car—the focus on the Lord and not on ourselves is the key. I wish you the very best this Easter season. Happy Easter.