Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Sunday, December 16, 2018

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

November 2018

The last message preached at the Missouri Baptist Convention in Springfield, this past week was by Ken Sande. He is the author of a phenomenal book called “The Peacemaker,” which is a guide to Biblical conciliation among conflicted people. I have used his work as I have tried to intervene in conflicted churches. Sande now leads and organization called Relational Wisdom. Their mission is to help people prevent conflict by becoming better at understanding each other and having positive relationships as they work and serve together.

He mentioned being in Chicago on a two-stop business trip. He realized at this Christian conference that he had not packed any dress shirts and the next day he had to be in Washington DC in a courtroom with his boss, a senior appellate judge. All he had with him was a polo shirt and a nice suit. He needed a white shirt and didn’t have any transportation. The conference leader walked by him in the foyer of the event center and noticed his perplexed look. He stopped and asked “Hey, are you ok?” They struck up a conversation and he explained his dilemma. The speaker at this conference, said “Here, take my keys. May car is in the lot. Go down to the mall and buy yourself a shirt.” They had just met! But the key was, the speaker was attuned to his facial expression and knew he needed some help.

I deliberately practiced this concept the next day in a coffee shop, striking up a conversation with a man as we sipped coffee and read the paper. It was refreshing to get outside of my own bubble for a moment or two there. It made me wonder if I don’t need to hone my “relational wisdom” a little more to help me be more open to seeing stress and trouble on people’s faces as I walk past them in Wal-Mart or as I get coffee.

I used to have a boss who had a little sign on his desk that said “Be kind to everyone because everyone is having a hard time.” Let’s practice this “relational wisdom” and have our radar screens turned on to those around us as we go through our days. Ken Sande says we need to be relationally aware of God, self and others. For a little more information on this and a free downloadable app you can check out Sande’s website at: