Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Thursday, April 02, 2020

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

March, 2020

There is a nice retired pastor and his wife who are members of the Rehoboth Baptist Church. I learned recently that the wife was in the hospital and I visited them. When I arrived this lady was trying to tell me something. She is unable to speak due to a stroke. So when she mouthed the word “home” I assumed it meant she was being dismissed to go back to their home. However she pointed upward and her husband said “She means, she is going to her Heavenly home.” She has been told she will not live too much longer and she was indicating that to me. I visited with them and prayed. But I remarked as I left that their acceptance of the diagnosis was remarkable and they were smiling and expressing joy as they told me about it.

I think the reason they can be so confident in their demeanor, after receiving this news of a terminal illness, is that they are committed servants of the Lord and their citizenship is really not in this world, but in Heaven. They are residents of this world, but their citizenship is in the Heavenly home that the Lord has prepared for those who have received Him.

Moses was tending sheep while in exile on the back side of the desert when the Lord called him to go back to Egypt and lead the Israelites out of slavery into the Promised land (Exodus 2-3). He could have ignored God’s call and tended sheep with his father-in-law. But God had a better plan for his life. He was not just a citizen of Midian (or Egypt), but he was a citizen of Heaven.

When we follow the Lord, we don’t know where the road will lead while we reside on earth. But if we know Jesus, we are citizens of Heaven and that is our true destiny.

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