Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Sunday, March 07, 2021

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

February, 2021

The association executive board met on January 28th at Fellowship Baptist Church, Kirksville. At that meeting the board received a recommendation from the leadership council to consider exploring the purchase and outfitting of a block party/events trailer. This suggestion to the board was brought by Pastor Curtis Ferguson of Rehoboth Baptist Church, Kirksville. He suggested we look into outfitting a trailer with games, an inflatable bounce house and equipment to provide snacks and drinks at events such as county fairs, church block parties, VBS and camps. Several associations in Missouri have a trailer like this and they tend to be well used and helpful for churches to check out and use for evangelistic events. The board appointed a committee of three to investigate the costs of such a project and selected Curtis Ferguson as chairman along with Walter Griffen and Les Leftwich. They will bring back a recommendation at the April executive board meeting. A photo example of this type of trailer is found on page 4.

The board also received a recommendation form the leadership council that an informal self-audit of the associations finances be conducted this spring. This is done periodically and is handled internally with a committee appointed to meet with the treasurer and director of missions to examine the books, procedures and policies and then to do random spot-checks of the ledger amounts and the filed documentation for such expenditures. The board asked the director of missions to appoint three persons with some financial background and those persons have been selected: Michelle Drummond, Lancaster Baptist; Donna Welte, Lancaster Baptist and Brenda Rowland, Hartford Baptist. They hope to have a report back to the association in April.

I got sick with the COVID-19 virus in mid November and it took me out of action for about two weeks. I faced chronic fatigue and exhaustion for much of December and my knee (which has caused problems for many years) has flared up with a lot of arthritic pain and caused me some limping and use of a cane. So you haven’t heard from the association via newsletter for a few months now. Hopefully back on schedule now. As I write this we are in the coldest part of winter and it’s been difficult to make much progress lately. We’ve had some pretty nasty ice and snow storms and severe cold temperatures. Some of those cold days, I decided to sit in my office and send texts and make phone calls to the pastors. Over the course of two days, I sent word to all of them that I was praying for them and invited responses. Many phone calls and texts were returned and we had some great encouraging conversations. That seems to be a pretty good use of my time during this pandemic and severe winter. I’ll continue keeping in touch with the pastors as much as I can whether it is in person or electronic communication.

Our next three pastors/ministers lunches are scheduled with guests speaking for short times:
Tuesday, February 16th - Bill Langley, International Mission Board, Richmond, VA

Tuesday, March 16th - Carol Fouse, Mo. Churches for Life and Allen Caukins, Mo. Baptist Children’s Home
Monday, April 19th - Willie McLaurin, Southern Baptist Executive Committee, Nashville

We meet at the La Pa Restaurant, 2216 S. Baltimore, Kirksville from 11:30 AM to 1 PM. Join us!