Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Monthly Message from the Director of Missions

June 2018

It has been a rough couple of months for Southern Baptists. I don’t know if you keep up with SBC news but there have been some high profile leaders in SBC entities and seminaries who have stepped down from leadership or have been removed from such over questionable counsel offered, loose sloppy speech and moral matters. This has been very disappointing and has caused some embarrassment among Baptists.  One leader blogged recently that the SBC now has it’s own #MeToo movement.  He also said that most did not see this coming. We can do better than this. Please pray.

The Southern Baptist Convention meetings this month in Dallas will be very interesting.  There is a hotly contested presidential race and there is tension over who will speak and what motions and resolutions will be offered.  I won’t be going but will watch on the live stream broadcast.

I would encourage you to pray for the SBC.  We need to elect good leaders and we need to keep a high bar of accountability in place.  Let’s all try to behave ourselves and make sure our actions and our words are above reproach.  A friend in Iowa Tweeted this morning “You are only one bad decision away from being the person you look down on. Stay humble.” That seems like good advice to me. 

Chance Glenn, our THBA missions-evangelism coordinator is writing a guest column on missions the next three issues of The Messenger.  Check page 3 for his summation of a message by IMB President David Platt at a conference Pastor Chance attended recently.

In our family, we have some news. Our son, Philip, is engaged to Violet Foster and we will welcome her to our family.  Our daughter and son-in-law Beth and Josh Rymsza are moving from Nashville to St. Louis this summer and we like that.  We recently said goodbye to our family dog and have a new dog named Hettie.   

Camps and Vacation Bible Schools are upon us.  We need camp workers, campers and on-time camp registrations.  See the note on page 4.

You are welcome to order VBS materials through the association and this is beneficial to the association if you will do that.  Contact Bobbie Bansal at or 314-399-0226 for information on that.