Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Thursday, August 17, 2017



Emerging Generations Ministry 
Coordinator:  Jonathan Walker  (


2017 Youth Camp @ Grand Oaks, Chillicothe
May 30-June 3

For youth who completed 6th-12 grade.
Thousand Hills Baptist Association joins with Linn-Livingston Baptist Association.hariton Hills Rodeo Bible Camp, Unionville
June 15 - 18, 2016
Sponsored by the Chariton Hills Fellowship of Christian Cowboys

Super Summer @ Hannibal-LaGrange University
Week 1:  June 12-16, 2017
Week 2:  June 19-23, 2017

The Missouri Baptist Convention has conducted Super Summer Youth Evangelism and Discipleship schools
since the early 1980s. These are held on the MBC university campuses.
Get information at the MBC Leadership web site.


 2016 Report
          Being new to the position of Emerging Generations Coordinator for the 1000 Hills Baptist Association has created new challenges for myself and has been rewarding.  Richard Nations and I sat down early in the spring and discussed some objectives and a possible vision statement for this position.  To sum it up in one word would be difficult, but if I had to it would be COLLABORATION.  According to Merriam Webster collaborate means, “to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.”  In case of this position the groups would be our association youth leaders and the “do something” would be to further the Kingdom!   Part of the collaboration is communication and sharing of resources when possible.  If your youth group or church is doing something or going somewhere, please let Richard or I know so we can see if others can go.  Sometimes group rates on activities or sharing buses can save hundreds of dollars per activity. We can calendar activities and let others know what is going on in Northeast Missouri which glorifies God.
          I have met several new youth leaders and made friends with some more experienced ones. We started back in April with a youth get together playing dodgeball at the YMCA and then over to Fellowship Baptist for music.  In May we rounded up youth for Grand Oaks church camp.  In July I delivered children to Grand Oak’s children’s camp and tried to arrange a Six Flags trip with a Building 439 concert built it.  Children’s camp was very successful, but the Six Flags trip was not highly attended.  In August I arranged a Back to School Bash at the Kirksville Country Club pool where 5 churches brought around 30 youth to swim and eat pizza.   I look forward to meeting all of you soon.
          I look forward to getting all of our churches involved in See you At the Pole and an After the Pole Celebration the last Wednesday of September.  This is a nationwide event where Christian youth come together at the flag pole before school to pray and then that evening celebrate what God has done for us.  If you do not have this program at your school, I would encourage you to get it started.  It’s a pretty cool picture of taking a stand for God, when you see 50 middle and high school student’ praying around a flag pole.  It seems like standing in the eye of a hurricane.
          October I am trying to organize a camp out at 1000 Hills State Park.  Saturday November 5th, Greg Xander and the BSU leadership team are hosting all of our youth groups that evening for worship, food, and activates.  Greg and I are collaboration on ways we can help youth keep their faith after they leave high school to head off to college.  This is a national pandemic which we need to address at the local level. On December 31st, Hamilton Street Baptist Church is hosting a mini-lock in: fun and games until midnight.
          My goal for next year to coordinate a team of adult leaders who have a passion for organizing or specialize in an area and would like  host an event at their church which we could all attend.  It could be something very simple as a spaghetti dinner and games.  Let me know if you are interested.  We don’t have activities just to have activities, some type of devotion or worship always occurs.  Let us work together to finish this year strong. Email me at or text/call 341-9407.