Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Tuesday, August 14, 2018



Camp Ministry Coordinator 

Pastor Curtis Ferguson, Rehoboth Baptist Church, Kirksville

Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly, Chillicothe

Intro to Camping Retreat, June 22-23
If a 1st - 3rd grader would like to try out camp for an overnight experience, there is an Intro to Camping retreat at Grand Oaks on June 22-23. Parents come along with their children. It is a brief introduction to the church camp experience.
Cost is $25. Register through your church.
Information is available from the Grand Oaks web site.
Youth Camp 2018 June 29-July 3
For youth who have completed 6th-12th grade (6th graders may choose Youth Camp, Children's Camp, or go to both).
The theme is “Imago Dei: Shaped By Christ In Us.” The camp has a lot of fun stuff for teenagers and they go swimming every day and have a lot of zany activities.
Cost $110.  Scholarships available.  Registation due June 7 at 4 pm.
Register through your church. Forms & promo have been e-mailed to every pastor.
You can also get them here:
     Flyer to copy and post
Thousand Hills joins with the Linn-Livingston Baptist Association.
Camp Directors: Travis  Smith of Linn-Livingston Baptist Association.
                         Bob Crump (636-485-5789) of Thousand Hills Baptist Association. 

Youth Camp worker training will be at FBC Chillicothe the morning of June 29. 
Children's Camp 2018 July 9-13
For children who have completed 3rd-6th grade.
Kids get to swim, play ball, fish, ride on paddle boats and of course have Bible studies and chapel services in order to learn more about God. The theme is “God is” … and you learn all the things that God “is.” 
Camp Director:  
Cost is $105.  Scholarships available.Register through your church. Registration due June 22 at 4 pm.
Get all the information and paperwork here: 
Training is required for all Children's Camp workers.
TRAINING SESSIONS:  Cabin leaders who have not attended camp before and all Junior Cabin leaders are required to attend an hour long training session prior to camp.  Two training session times are being offered this year.  You only need to attend one.  Training will be offered:
     - Thursday, June 28 (6:30 pm) at First Baptist Church,  Macon 
     - Saturday, July 7 (10:00 am) at Fellowship Baptist Church, Kirksville

Search your hearts to see if God is calling you to help with camp. 
Many positions are available:  cabin leaders, junior cabin leaders (must be at least 15 years old), kitchen help, Bible study leaders, crafts and recreation leaders.

Rodeo Bible Camp 2018, Bloomfield IA, June 13-16

Check out their web site:


Each adult who is accompanying the children at camp must have a nationwide 
criminal  background check from a reputable company (i.e.:  Missouri Highway
Patrol or LifeWay Christian Resources) completed and on file at the association office.  

Here are links to those two organizations:

Adults who do not have a background check on file will not be allowed to stay at camp.  

It is a requirement by the 1000 Hills Association Camp Board to have this on file at the association office.  If you have had a background check in the last 3 years (for THBA children’s camp) or 2 years (for THBA-LLBA youth camp), you may send a copy to place on file.  Background checks should be renewed every 2 or 3 years (depending on the camp where you are serving).
If you need further assistance with a background check, contact the Association office at:
(660) 342-7658 or 

Rodeo Bible Camp 2018, Bloomfield IA, June 13-16
Check out their web site:
Members of the THBA Camp Team are:  Curtis Ferguson (Team Leader), Bob Crump, Tami Watt, Melanee Schwieter, Paula Thompson, Tammy Porter, Cindi Glenn, and Rodney Dorr. They meet monthly from January to September to plan, staff, train, conduct and evaluate our Youth and Children's Camps. 

2017 Report of the Camp Team Coordinator


First, on behalf of the Camp Team, I would like to thank you for your many prayers.  Your camp team is aware that we can do nothing that pleases God unless He is the one leading and empowering us.

Secondly, I would like to inform you of what God did this summer at our two camps.  Youth camp was held during the week of May 30 through June 2nd.  This was the fourth year that we have partnered with the Linn-Livingston Baptist Association to conduct youth camp.  We had 147 campers and 40 workers.  There were 16 professions of faith and 9 youth rededicated their lives to Christ.  This year was our association's highest largest attendance at camp.  At this camp the THBA had:  
     70 campers
     12 workers 
     7 professions of faith

Children's camp was held during the week of July 10-14.  Sarah Mires from First Baptist Church, Kirksville, was our camp director.  we had
     107 campers
     42 total workers (22 cabin leaders and 20 other camp staff)
      8 children trusted Christ as savior and a number of others wanted spiritual conseling

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to consider coming to camp as a cabin leader or worker.  Attendance at our camps is increasing and we need the additional help.  Just as importantly however, being at camp will give you the opportunity to see firsthand how God is working.  If you cannot come to camp, would you consider sponsoring a worker?  

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."  (Psalm 126:3)   

Curtis Ferguson, Camp Team Coordinator


Strong Roots New Branches Campaign Reactivated
The Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly is reactivating their Strong Roots New Branches campaign to raise funds for the construction of a storm shelter and multipurpose building to replace the outdated Parker Hall (pictured right). Grand Oaks is located near Chillicothe.  Pastor Rodney Dorr and Pastor Randy Quick are representing THBA on the fund raising committee that has been reactivated by the camp board.  They hope to raise $675,000 in order to put a concrete storm shelter in place and later build a gymnasium and meeting space on top of the shelter. For more information on Grand Oaks and the campaign go to