Thousand Hills Baptist Association
Friday, July 03, 2020



Camp Ministry Coordinator 

Bob Crump, Rehoboth Baptist Church, Kirksville

2020 Camps Cancelled---

Dear Friends

With heavy hearts our Thousand Hills Baptist Association camp team has made the decision that we will cancel children and youth camps at Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly this summer.  Our team agonized over this decision.  While it is still uncertain if the Grand Oaks Board will even reopen Grand Oaks (which is currently closed for camps) we felt that we could not wait much longer to made the decision.  So we prayed together today and we decided that we will have to sit this summer out as far as camps are concerned.  Many other associational camps around Missouri are being canceled. Missouri Baptists have canceled their Super Summer camp.  LifeWay has canceled most of their camps like Centrifunge, Centrikid and others that are held at Ridgecrest.  

Our main concern was the unknown factors of the virus being transmitted at the camp, maintaining the social distancing, sanitation, food service, etc.  It is pretty hard for social distancing to be practiced by children and teenagers in a camp setting.  How to eat, how to set up sleeping arrangements, how to do safe recreation, what if someone gets sick?  These are all the questions we talked through.

It is possible some may not like the decision we have made.  We understand that.  Others may feel we made the right decision.  We hope it is.  We grieve for the children and teens who would perhaps have asked Jesus to be their Savior this summer at camps.  We hope they will be reached another way this summer.  

So THBA camps will not be held this summer but we hope to come back strong next summer. If you have questions, feel free to call me and I’ll be glad to explain as best I can. 

God bless.

Richard Nations
Director of Missions
Thousand Hills Baptist Association
1701 Jamison 
Kirksville, MO 63501

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Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly, Chillicothe

The Grand Oaks Baptist Assembly is reactivating their Strong Roots New Branches campaign to raise funds to replace the outdated Parker Hall with a new Multi-Purpose facility, to include a storm safe space.  Pastor Rodney Dorr and Caleb Perkins are representing THBA on the fund raising committee.  They hope to raise $675,000. For more information on Grand Oaks and the campaign go to
A motorcycle benefit ride is scheduled for June 8. Click here for details.

2019 Report of the Camp Team Coordinator

Once again, we were truly blessed at all of our church camps this summer. God did a lot of great work through His Holy Spirit, pastors and leaders.

We kicked off the summer with youth camp. Pastor Chase Roberts served as camp pastor. The camp theme was "God's Mercy” and the Book of Jonah was used to convey that message. The Youth camp is a shared camp alongside Linn/-Livingston Baptist Association. There were 141 campers and leaders in camp. 1000 Hills had 41 campers, 9 staff, and 9 churches were represented. There were 2 professions of faith and 2 youth seeking local churches.

The next camp was "Intro to Camp." This is a 2-day camp for 1st and 2nd graders. The goal of this camp is to reduce the anxiety of campers and parents when it comes time for children's camp as it gives them an example of what it will be like. Greg Dixon served as camp pastor. There were 31 campers and parents in attendance.

We ended the summer with children's camp. Pastor Chance Glenn served as camp pastor. The theme of camp was "I am Created in Christ" There were 100 total in camp, 70 campers, 27 staff/leaders, and 3 pre-campers. There were 2 professions of faith and several who were counseled and prayed with or for.

All camps went well. The Gospel was spoken clearly and worship was abundant. Discipleship was God-led through lessons and leaders. We are looking forward to next year to see what great things God will have for us once again.

The dates for 2020: Youth Week, June 8-12; Children's Week, June 22-26, Intro to Camp, June 26-27.Thank you for the opportunity to serve.